Shaw Weld Rods

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Heat Welding/Weld Rods

Heat welding is currently the most accepted method for seaming resilient sheet products within hospital construction.   The mechanical bond created is the strongest seam possible and is impervious to topical moisture.  Heat welded floors are the most aseptic and the only impervious floors because a continuous flooring surface is created by the mechanical bond in the seam.

Welding rods are available in coordinating colors to the Shaw Hard Surface resilient sheet products. For a list of the recommended welding rod, please see the chart below:

Biolife™ / Naturelife™ Weld Rods 180' or 55 m / Roll
Style Name Color Number Color Name Matching Weld Rod
Biolife™ 01001 Sea Salt WEL1001
Biolife™ 01002 Dove White WEL1002
Biolife™ 01003 Oyster White WEL1003
Biolife™ 01004 Grey Pepper WEL1004
Biolife™ 01005 Wheat WEL1005
Biolife™ 01006 Barley WEL1006
Biolife™ 01009 Agave WEL1009
Biolife™ 01013 Oats WEL1013
Biolife™ 01016 Cayenne WEL10016
Biolife™ 01019 Thyme WEL10019
Biolife™ 01021 Sage WEL10021
Naturelife™ Organic 07310 Northwest Trail WEL7310
Naturelife™ Organic 07315 Sanoran WEL7324
Naturelife™ Organic 07318 San Juan WEL7325
Naturelife™ Organic 07321 Amethyst Smoke WEL7328
Naturelife™ Organic 07323 Sequoia WEL1823
Naturelife™ Organic 07324 Wheat Field WEL7311
Naturelife™ Organic 07325 Bordeaux WEL732B
Naturelife™ Organic 07326 Tuscan Teracotta WEL732C
Naturelife™ Organic 07327 Kona Canyon WEL732D
Naturelife™ Organic 07328 Grestone Castle WEL732E
Naturelife™ Organic 07329 Mushroom Valley WEL7329
Naturelife™ Organic 07330 Desert Dust WEL7330
Naturelife™ Organic 07331 Coronado Sand WEL7331
Naturelife™ Organic 07332 Navajo Smoke WEL7332
Naturelife™ Organic 07333 Walnut Creek WEL7333
Naturelife™ Organic 07334 Mystic Cloud WEL7332
Naturelife™ Organic 07335 Caribbean Blue WEL7335
Naturelife™ Organic 07336 Midnight Sky WEL7336
Naturelife™ Organic 07337 Clover Garden WEL7337
Naturelife™ Wood 05255 Chocolate Oak WEL9561
Naturelife™ Wood 05256 Dark Oak WEL9446
Naturelife™ Wood 05301 Traditional Cherry WEL5301
Naturelife™ Wood 05303 American Cherry WEL5303
Naturelife™ Wood 05304 Light Maple WEL5304
Naturelife™ Wood 05305 Golden Cherry WEL7712
Naturelife™ Wood 05306 Brazilian Cherry WEL9446
Naturelife™ Wood 07481 Scandinavian Oak WEL7481
Naturelife™ Wood 07716 Chocolate Cherry WEL9446
Naturelife™ Wood 07720 Japanese Oak Green WEL5254
Naturelife™ Wood 08126 American Oak WEL7801
Naturelife™ Wood 08127 Natural Oak WEL8127
Naturelife™ Wood 08265 Teak WEL8127
Naturelife™ Wood 08311 Apple* WEL7691
Naturelife™ Wood 09446 Antique Mahogany WEL9446
Naturelife™ Wood 09551 Bamboo Natural WEL8126
Naturelife™ Wood 09552 Bamboo Coffee* WEL9561
Naturelife™ Wood 09553 Bamboo Chocolate* WEL9553
Naturelife™ Wood 09561 Rosewood WEL9561
Naturelife™ Wood 09571 American Walnut WEL9553
Naturelife™ Wood 01291 Golden Vert. Bamboo WEL1451
Naturelife™ Wood 01292 Caramel Vert. Bamboo WEL5257
*Denotes future drop.      
Basstones™ Weld Rods
Basstones™ 00500 Pearly Melody WEL2012
Basstones™ 00710 Neutral Intro WEL2020
Basstones™ 00540 Ashen Interval WEL2014
Basstones™ 00560 Sable Pitch WEL2016
Basstones™ 00700 Khaki Cue WEL2019
Basstones™ 00530 Pewter Serenade WEL2013
Basstones™ 00410 Graytone Fade WEL2009
Basstones™ 00430 Mineral Score WEL2011
Basstones™ 00110 Ecru Cadence WEL2001
Basstones™ 00210 Camel Accent WEL2025
Basstones™ 00750 Gilded Mink WEL2026
Basstones™ 00760 Coffee Echo WEL2021
Basstones™ 00710 Neutral Intro WEL2020
Basstones™ 00100 Flaxen Vibe WEL7332
Basstones™ 00300 Coastal Tempo WEL2003
Basstones™ 00320 Stanza Stag WEL2005
Basstones™ 00360 Aqua Tone WEL2008
Basstones™ 00610 Adobe Verse WEL2018
Basstones™ 00630 Chorale Clay WEL1823
Basstones™ 00810 Earthen Spark WEL2023
Basstones™ 00550 Structured Obsidian WEL2015
Basstones™ 00800 Amplify WEL2022
Basstones™ 00420 High Fidelity WEL2010
Basstones™ 00200 Set Off WEL2002
Basstones™ 00340 Elevate WEL2006
Basstones™ 00310 Underscore WEL2004
Basstones™ 00600 Boost WEL2017
Basstones™ 00350 Amplitude WEL2007
Basstones™ 00900 Emphasize WEL2024
Rexcourt™ Weld Rods 330' or 100 m / Roll
Style Name Color Number Color Name Matching Weld Rod
Rexcourt™ 6.5 01451 Golden Cherry EWR1451
Rexcourt™ 6.5 01452 Indian Cherry EWR1452
Rexcourt™ 6.5 01811 Noble Zelkova EWR1811
Rexcourt™ 6.5 01821 Tiger Oak EWR1821
Rexcourt™ 6.5 01822 Windsor Oak EWR1822
Rexcourt™ 6.5 01823 Anitque Oak EWR1823
Rexcourt™ 6.5 02001 Grand Maple EWR2001
Rexcourt™ 6.5 06200 Red EWR6200
Rexcourt™ 6.5 06301 Beige EWR6301
Rexcourt™ 6.5 06303 Gray EWR6303
Rexcourt™ 6.5 06400 Dark Blue EWR6400
Rexcourt™ 6.5 06402 Blue EWR6402
Rexcourt™ 6.5 06403 Sky Blue EWR6403
Rexcourt™ 6.5 06500 Yellow EWR6500
Rexcourt™ 6.5 06606 Dark Green EWR6606
Rexcourt™ 6.5 06901 Orange EWR6901