Shaw Resilient Adhesives

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SHAW 4100 - solvent–free sheet, plank, tile, and RexCourt adhesive.

Shaw 4100 solvent free adhesive is an installer friendly, premium high strength (non-staining) acrylic adhesive, designed to permanently install SHAW flooring. SHAW 4100 may be used on all grades of concrete on above or below grade in the absence of excess moisture, as well as suspended approved wood floors. SHAW 4100 may also be used for installing over existing, non-cushioned resilient flooring that has been prepared according to manufacturer’s recommended methods. SHAW 4100 is non-flammable, water (90% RH) and alkali (10 pH) resistant and freeze-thaw stable. SHAW 4100 has excellent resistance to plasticizer migration and sets to a tough permanent bond. Zero (calculated) VOC’s. Floor Score Certified. SHAW 4100 must be used to receive Shaw’s exclusive 10 year under bed warranty.

SHAW S150 - solvent–free universal spray adhesive.

Shaw S150 aerosol spray adhesive is a water-based aerosol adhesive recommended for installations of vinyl sheet, plank and tiles, vinyl composition tile or cove base over porous and non-porous substrates. It can be used in occupied buildings and greatly reduces the handling and application requirements associated with conventional adhesives. SHAW S150 demonstrates highly aggressive grab and shear strength, and has outstanding water (90% RH) and plasticizer resistance. The spray application eliminates the need for trowels and rollers. Zero (calculated) VOC’s. Floor Score Certified. SHAW S150 must be used to receive Shaw’s exclusive 10 year under bed warranty.